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Cruising Bb

Welcome to Best Boards!

Come with me as we explore the many features you will encounter and grow to love on Best Boards. To post on many Best Boards you will need to Register a Username which you can use at any Best Board hosted within our network. For more information you can read over our FAQ's or if you have any questions you can post them on our Support Forums.

When you first go to a Best Board if you would like to see inside the Admin Center and peek at the incredible features we've got waiting for our Board owners you can see a sample board here. On this board you will see at the top links to some different features we have, such as Who is Online, Stats, Memberlist, Top Posters, Search, and below those you'll see User CP, and Admin which takes you to the inside board control page. On this sample board everyone is automatically an Admin so feel free to explore around inside-but to use these two links you need a Best Boards Username. If you've already registered you'll see the Welcome, YourBBname! message which confirms you're logged in. You'll also notice your name appears in the Who is Online box.

One thing you will see on boards that use the Who is Online after you register a username and travel around logged in, you'll see either [Anon] or [Vis] beside your user name. If you would like to be visible but are currently in the anon status you can click the [Anon] next to your name and instantly change your online status. Bear in mind that Admins can see your user name even if your online status is [Anon].

On the main board page is a Welcome to our newest member, BBname message that will be the most recently joined member-to actually be a member on a board you must post on a board and that will add you to their memberlist. At the bottom of the board is the BbRing which you can use to jump to other Best Boards that the Admins have added into their BbRing. Let's go inside the top forum here and see how to post messages and topics. (Notice that this forum has a Subforum which is shown in Italic-that indicates there are new posts in it, otherwise it would be not be in italics.)

You can see there are text links on this default board, other boards might choose to make and use their own buttons, but the functions remain the same. We have New Poll, New Thread, and Mark Forum Read. When you mark a forum read-if you've chosen to mark all threads as read even if you haven't read them, in your User CP then all the Unread or New images will disappear. If you have not enabled that option then when you will return to this forum you will see the Unread or New images on threads you've not read yet. The New Poll button/link will take you to the New Poll screen where you choose either a Choice or Rating type poll. Choice is the kind where you supply the choices and people vote on them. Rating style is where you supply choices and people rate them on a scale of 1-10.

You can see from the screenshot of the New Thread screen that there are some really interesting posting accessories. For instance you can post without a subject, but it is always better to have one to find your topic later. We have Posticons you can choose to use by clicking the button next to the one you want and you can see we have a BbCode generator. Inside the BbCode box there are options to Quote, display Code, Whisper, (where you specify users who can read the whispered part of your reply, keep in mind for security reasons all Admins can see any whispers on their boards) Spoiler-used to post information that people have to highlight and pull down to read, Image, List, Action, Bold, Italic, Underline, http:// is used to insert a link, E-Mail, # http:// is used when you want to follow how many people actually went to a given link you've posted, Size, Color, Flash, WhoView-used to see who has read a topic already and Time. Keep in mind we allow boards to disable one or more of the BbCodes so they might not work on all boards.

You will see the Emoticons box and to use them you only need to click on the one you want with your mouse cursor in the text box where you want the emoticon to display. Some boards may limit the number of emoticons allowed in posts and some may not-it is up to each board Admin whether or not they want to even have images allowed in posts. You can also chose to Disable Smiles in your posts yourself by checking the option below the text box. Next to that is a option to Disable BbCode that allows you to disable all BbCodes yourself in your own posts. If you've made signatures, and there is no limit on how many you can have, each one you've made will be available to you to use with the pull down menu where it says, Don't Include Sig if you click on the arrow and have some sigantures made it will show you the names of those and you can choose which one you want to use in that reply.

You can attach files up to 50k on a post and people can download them at their lesuire. Very useful to share screenshots and photos or whatever you like. Just hit the browse button and upload directly from your hard drive. You can also choose to Auto-Close a Thread or Poll after a certain amount of time that you choose. And by checking the option to preview you can submit the Poll, Topic or Post to see what it would look like before actually submitting it. On the bottom of any page you'll have the option to Log Out and Mark All Forums Read as well as having the time and date displayed below those two options. I hope you enjoyed taking a Cruise through Best Boards and I hope you enjoy using our service.

~ Pamster

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