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BbNewsletter Tips and How-To's

One thing Best Boards offers board owners is the ability to easily generate your own stylish looking newsetter, customizing it to be a bold statement for your board's newsletter subscribers. This is a great tool to help strengthen the community bonds between people on the board. Once you've decided on how often you want to put out a newsletter and what it's content will be, you need to give some thought on presentation. You can have it with all the style of your board-the text and HTML you use will be displayed as if on a copy of your board template. You can insert links, underline, bold, use italics, Insert Images and Alt Text whatever you want to do. But keep in mind only HTML is usually allowed through most email filters-javascript is disabled automatically.

You can see here that you have to check the box to enable the newsletter and you have the choice to make your newsletter either Opt-In or Opt-Out which means if you have people sign up to get it or Opt-Out and decline to receive the newsetter. From your Admin Center you can View Subscribers and if you do not want someone who subscribed to continue getting your newsletter you can unsbscribe them yourself. Most people who run boards have at least a general understanding of HTML and Message board code styles-BbCodes are easy to use, but in the newsletter they will not work-you have to go with HTML. Here is what I used to demonstrate using it:

<CENTER><B>Welcome to the Sample Newsletter!</B><IMG SRC="" ALT="Insert Images and Alt Text"><P><BR> This is to show you a idea of what a actual <B>BbNewsletter</B> would look like. What you put here is up to you as a board admin, you can do whatever you want. If you need further assistance please feel free to stop by the <A HREF="">Support</A> board anytime.<P><BR> Thank you!<P><BR></CENTER>

And that yeilds this result. This is how it looked in my mailbox:

This is the screen you send newsletters from and where you input the HTML coded content for your newsletters:

You can see that using this feature you will easily be able to make dynamic documents that will enhance your online experience with regards to your community and the goings on therein. If you have any questions not covered here feel free to post here to get further assistance.

~ Pamster

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