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BbBoard Promotion How-To's

Everyone these days can have a board. The trick to having a sucessful, thriving community is a complex recipe-each board owner is different and makes a board for different reasons. Consider for a moment what you want out of having a board. Do you want to have a place for your friends to Role Play or do you have a friendship open chat type board, leaning more towards general topics of interest? Having a good, solid theme can help add to a board's fun factor. And that is what being part of a online community is about, having fun with people online and making new friends.

You can really inspire a mood with a snazzy board title and by making your own cool logo and button images. For more on that be sure to check out the upcoming How To Make Board Images online which will be added to our ever growing How To section. Once you have them located on a server you can hotlink to, then you need to add them to your board. In the Admin Center, you go to Edit Images and in there add the image URL's for the buttons. In a upcoming Release we will have a place to insert a URL to your Banner/Logo to put at th the top of your board.

Admins can go into their Admin Center and choose: Submit to Search Engines. You will get a pop up alert box which says: Now submitting to 10 different search engines. Please wait while the whole page loads - it may take awhile as each submission is done in it's own frame. When activity stops, please press the back button on your browser to return to the admin center. When you see a lot of the same IP#'s in your who is online at the same time-if you click on the IP there, you will be taken to the IP converter page which will show you a hostname-sometimes you'll see one that has in it and that what is known as a Search Engine Spider. To learn more about them you can look here.

Another good idea is to post daily if you can so that when the spiders come check out your board they will see a wide variety of topics to add to search engines results. Many boards also have a website that they use for news and other content like winners of board contests, scrapbooks, all kinds of things can be done. It is a lot of work to maintain a board and having good moderators can really be a great asset to any board. Since everyone on Best Boards can have as many signatures as they want, you and your moderators can have your board listed in your signatures which is a great way to funnel some targetted traffic your way. Odds are if someone saw you or one of your moderators posting on another board and liked what they saw-especially the nicely done signature, they will be more prone to checking out your links.

Joining a 'Board Ring' or 'Web Ring' can be a nice way to get your URL out to targeted traffic on other member boards in the ring. There are a lot of 'Top 100 Lists' out there and there are many different kinds of groups you can add your board to that have simliar interests to yours. You just need to run a search and find the right ones-if you have a music fan board-then obviously you'll be able to find a lot of webrings with other fan sites and boards that can draw a lot of traffic your way. The next thing to keep in mind is to greet every new face who comes by as well as post new topics regularly enough people have a variety of things to chat with you and others about. Recent activity on a board shows that people are regularly chatting there and will encourage new people to join in.

I hope you've found these suggestions helpful. You can use these ideas to get your board's name in search results and out there in webrings and topsites lists too. One thing that is pretty important to keep in mind-don't give up-a good board isn't built in one day. It takes time for one to grow and catch on with people so don't be discouraged if it is small for some months. You never can tell how fast a board will grow, but if you are committed to its upkeep, you can nuture it along and encourage its growth. It helps to be actively posting on other boards with similiar themes to your own and using a nice signature with a link to your board, you will draw people to it. You are welcome to post a thread in the BbShowcase Forum inviting other BbMembers to check out your community.

~ Pamster

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